Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS )

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the highest academic research organization in the fields of philosophy and social sciences as well as a national center for comprehensive studies in the People's Republic of China.



Bureau of International Cooperation, CASS

Bureau of International Cooperation (BIC) was established in December1978 with the earlier name, Foreign Affairs Bureau (FAB). BIC is an administrative arm of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), in charge of academic exchanges with foreign countries and regions and of foreign related work with eight functional divisions including Office of Hongkong, Taiwan, Marco, Asian and Africa Division, European Division, America and Ocean Division International Division, European division, Research Office, General Office, Academic Exchange Logistic.

Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS

The Institute of Ethnic Literature (IEL) was established in 1980 in Beijing. It is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Its research spectrum ranges over the following areas: 1) The literature of ancient and contemporary ethnic groups, oral and written; 2) Theoretical concerns relating to issues of literary evolution; 3) Literary relations among various ethnic groups, with an emphasis on comparative approaches; 4) Expressive cultures in combination with oral tradition and verbal art; 5) Literary theory and contemporary criticism; and 6) Collecting, recording, transcribing, translating, digitizing, and publishing oral texts and written works.