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November 8, 2012


Dear Colleague, 

Thanks to your gracious participation, contribution, and cooperation, the “CASS Forum (Literature 2012)- International Summit on Epic Studies (ISES 2012): Toward Diversity, Creativity, and Sustainability” will be held from November 17 to 18 in Beijing.  At the same time, two side events will be taking place at the Venue during the Summit: “Live Epic Performances” and “Publication Exhibition: Epic Collections and Studies in China and beyond.”

The Organizing Committee has received abstracts/papers/proposals for presentation from 70 scholars affiliated with 46 institutions of twenty-five countries, including the United States, Mexico, Germany, Bosnia, Finland, Estonia, Albania, Italy, England, Iceland, Russia (including 5 Republics of Russia: Kalmykia, Sakha [Yakutia], Buryatia, Altai, and Tuva), Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Japan, as well as from the domestic regions of Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, and Beijing.  Hopefully, it seems that the Summit forum promises to be an exciting, diverse, and fruitful gathering in the upcoming November. 

For facilitating a good shape for the upcoming Summit, there are 8 items on current agenda to be announced hereinafter:




The main information and materials prepared for the Summit are now available on the conference website at . All participants are strongly encouraged to pay a visit before they leave for Beijing, so as to obtain important information both for sessions and for travel.




Attached please find the preliminary conference programme (Appendix-01), which is also available on the conference website here. The possible revised version would be available online around November 12, 2012, though we will try our best to keep this scheduled program.




  1. Working Languages


English and Chinese.

All abstracts for presentation we have received will be provided in English and Chinese.

These abstracts with links to their presenters are also available in an alphabetical order on the conference website (Chinese version is coming soon).

Having given the priority to a better time-controlling schedule, consecutive interpretation between Chinese and English is restricted to the discussion, according to the Chair's request and participants' responding at the session or panel.

Interpretation of main points from other languages to English/Chinese (vice versa) is also restricted to discussion, and largely depends on the actual presence of the same panel’s participants who can command the related languages, such as Russian, Tibetan, and languages belong to Turkish family and Altai family.  We will endeavor to bring multi-lingual brains in place. If you can kindly help, please contact with the Chair before the panel, or raise your hand to the chair during discussion.

No interpretation will be provided for all the Chinese presentations.

We are regretted that a few of invited speakers could not submit their abstracts until today, such a long delay won’t allow a time for doing translation.

You are kindly encouraged to prepare a Handout in English or in Chinese for promoting mutual understanding between the speaker and multi-lingual audiences. If you decide to do so, please hand over a copy to the Conference Coordinator at the Registration Desk. We will be happy to print out and deliver to attendees.


  1. Time Allocation


The formal discussion will be divided into 6 sections, including one PLENARY SESSION and 5 PARALLEL SESSIONS with 15 PANELS in total.

  1. Plenary Session


Four keynote speeches are arranged for the Plenary Session that allows 30 minutes for each speaker, followed by a 40-minute general discussion on the four speeches together.


  1. Parallel Sessions


Each speaker will have a maximum of 20 minutes to talk about his/her prepared topic, followed by a 20-30 minutes group discussion on 4-6 presentations together at the same panels.

  1. Chair(s):


Chair for each panel, designated by the Secretariat, will be responsible for facilitating presentations and discussion in order.  If you find your name is rightly on the List of Chairs or on the scheduled programme, please go to the webpage Suggestions for Chairs here (coming soon) prior to the session. If any further questions or being reluctant to the designation, please do not hesitate to make contact with Yu Lan.

  1. Audiovisual Equipment


We will provide computers (PC) or laptops, data projectors, audio systems, and access to the Internet (WiFi) in every Conference Room on the 8th Level of the main building.  

As a general rule for time-controlling, all presenters are not allowed to use their own laptops.

All presenters shall report to the session coordinator (IEL staff member) at the Help Desk setting in each Conference Room at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled session, regardless of what type of presentation is prepared.

For the detailed guidelines for doing presentation, please go to the Website checking with Information for Presenters here (coming soon).




At the invitation of the Organizing Committee, five celebrated epic singers from Tibetan, Mongolian, Kyrgyz, and Miao (Hmong) ethnic minority groups will join us. For a brief introduction to our distinguished guest performers, please go to the webpage here.




The Summit will feature a comprehensive exhibition “Epic Collection and Publication in China and beyond” at the Venue, including selected books, journals, multi-media publications, and objects concerning epic studies during the past 10 decades.

Alongside the main stands, a specific space for displaying the varied publications donated by our guest participants will be facilitated.

If you kindly bring publication(s) as donation to the Summit or for a waiver of Registration Fee, please hand over to the exhibition coordinator by filling a Form of Publication Donation at the Registration Desk on your arrival, so as to help us arrange all donated publications in place and on time.

Exhibition area will be available in the Conference Room II on the 8th Level of the main building. For further information, please click here.

A list of the donated publications will be announced on the ISES Website.




  1. Hardcopy:


The conference handbook, which includes program, abstracts and brief introduction to all presenters (summarized from CVs), as well as general information prepared for the Summit, will be delivered to everyone at the Registration Desk in the lobby of Sheke Boyuan Hotel. 

  1. E-edition:


At the same time, its electronic edition will also be available.  You may download from the ISES Website, or have a backup copy by a USB flash drive at the Registration Desk.

  1. A List of Participants in editing


For enhancing future communication and academic exchange among participants, we intended to incorporate your personal information including your e-mail address and website URL (if any) into the List of Participants, which will be a part of the SUMMIT HANDBOOK.

Please let us know as soon as possible, if you won’t like to have your own contact information printed out on the List.  Any objections to this motion should be submitted to Yu Lan before November 12, 2012.


  1. Summit Pass:


Summit Pass (name badges) will be distributed at the Registration Desk. Summit Pass must be worn to enter scholarly session and panels, exhibition area, dining room, and all cultural activities.


  1. General Information


Dr. Yina (Yeshi Lhamo) is going to send General Information to you, telling logistics for attending the Summit, from arrival to departure, Please watch on your email box, or visit here to check up.

Additional details on the Summit will be provided on the website as more information becomes available.



Dear colleague, the time has come to welcome participants for the Summit.  On behalf of the sponsor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the co-organizers, the Bureau of International Cooperation of CASS and the Institute of Ethnic Literature of CASS, we are here taking this wonderful opportunity to extend our appreciations to all of our distinguished guests, to express our deep respects for epic singers and storytellers, as well as our colleagues both at the IEL and at the CASS.


Have a nice trip and enjoy your productive stay in Beijing!


With best wishes,


Yours Sincerely,


Organizing Committee of

The 2012 International Summit on Epic Studies