Beijing Opera  

Built in 1937, Chang'an Grand Theater is located in Guanghua Changan Building, north on East Changan Street. As a modern theater with top quality, luxury and comfort, it perfectly embodies traditional styles, especially that of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern architectural art. Up to 800 people can be seated in this classic-oriented theater decorated with elegant red wood tables, luxurious VIP boxes and comfortable chairs. Its highlights, the multi-functional stage, the advanced sound and light facilities are computer controlled, suitable for all kinds of performances.

There are various types of seats to choose: the tea house in the front area, the rowed seats in the back area, and the VIP box, common box and rowed seats on the second floor. Photos of Beijing Opera masters and theatrical costumes for different roles are exhibited on the second floor of the lobby. There is calligraphy, facial makeup, painting and video sold on the first floor. The highlight of Chang'an Grand Theater is the customized operas designed for the better understanding by foreign tourists. Collaborating with performance bodies like Beijing Opera Company, Chang'an Grand Theater offers "travel opera" for foreigners, which consists of maximum amount of roles in Beijing Opera and is easy to understand. The ingenuity of playwrights and directors, together with sophisticated settings, stage props, lights and sound, embodies the essential spirit of conventional Beijing Opera, best exemplified by The Legend of the White Snake, which made its debut in 1997 and is highly appreciated by foreign audiences. Synchronous subtitles in both Chinese and English are provided so that the audience may know the plot better. The daily show of travel opera in Chang'an Grand Theater has been an indispensable attraction in Beijing.


Take subway Line 1 or 2 and take off at Jianguomen station; or take bus routes 1, 4, 9, 10, 20, 37, 52, 120 and take off at Beijingzhankou.
Opening hours: 9:00-the end of the performance

Address: No.7, Jianguomennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Ticket:60 80 100 180 280



Beijing Opera   

Beijing opera  

Chang'an Grand Theater is nearby the CASS