Dear Colleagues,


With the support of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the “2012 International Summit on Epic Studies: Toward Diversity, Creativity, and Sustainability” conference will take place from 17 to 18 November 2012 in Beijing, China.

The Organizing Committee has decided to initiate a regular forum for international epic studies and to bring together researchers from interdisciplinary fields in order to discuss key issues on the forefront of epic studies throughout the world. The main topics for discussion during the Summit are: (1) Diversity, creativity, and sustainability of epic traditions; (2) Reflections on methodologies for oral epic documentation; (3) Current challenges in mobilizing multilateral collaboration and interaction between epic-researchers, indigenous communities and research institutions; and (4) Feasibility and practicality of establishing an internationalized association among epic professionals and institutions.

The summit forum will feature a comprehensive exhibition “Book Corner: Epic Collections and Publications in China” at the Venue, including books and journals, multi-media publications, and objects concerning epic studies in China (and beyond) during the past 10 decades, along with the part of varied publications donated by our guest participants. The Organizing Committee has called all participants for bringing their own (or collective) monographs, edited volumes, translations, editions of traditional texts, reference works, pictorial books, DVD/VCD/CD format works, videotapes, and other materials to be displayed at the Summit. After the conference, the exhibition will be displayed on the website of China Ethnic Literature Network ( through digitized documentation; and works will be returned to those who brought them, or if desired, can be donated to the IEL “Archives of China Ethnic Minorities’ Oral Traditions,” a project whose construction is currently underway at CASS, so as to facilitate a better data sharing in near future.

Further more, in order to promote the mutual understanding of cultural diversity and creativity and to strengthen international academic discourse on living epic traditions, some representatives of epic singers and storytellers will contribute their oral performances and traditional skills to the Summit at the invitation of the Organizing Committee.


Look forward to meeting with each of you in Beijing,

With Best Wishes!

The Organizing Committee for
The 2012 International Summit on Epic Studies